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"Where is Bali?"

"Where is Bali?" remains one of the most popular search items on Google. Look no more: Bali is right here in Indonesia.
By the way, Idulfitri, the annual festive period after the month-long fasting period is June 15. Millions of Indonesians will travel across the country to meet relatives. Obtaining last-minute tickets may be a challenge!

Discover Wonderful Indonesia

Looking for a journey of a lifetime? Business opportunities? Spirituality? Ancient cultures? A jungle trail or a hike to the caldera of a volcano? A tropical place to escape winter? Street food or gourmet?

How about this year's Bali's Spirit Festival 2018, April 2-8?
Or the Yogya Gamelan Festival (Instagram @komunitasgayam16)?
Or the Asian Games, to be held in Palembang and Jakarta, August 18 to September 2?

See, Indonesia has it all. Have a look!

Komodo, Indonesia  Lombok Beach
 Yogya Keraton Dancer  Beringharjo Market
 Indonesian Foood  Love in Indonesia
Borobudur  Batak Girl

National Holidays 2018

> January 1: Tahun Baru (New Year)
> February 16: Imlek (Chinese New Year) 
March 17: Nyepi (Hindu New Year -Bali is closed off during 24 uur)
March 30: Jumat Agung (Good Friday)
> April 14: Isra M'raj Nabi Muhamad SAW (The Prophet's Ascension)
> May 1: Hari Buruh Internasional (International Labor Day)
> May 10: Kenaikan Isa Almasih (Ascension)
> May 29: Waisak (celebration of Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death 
> June 1: Pancasila Day (Pancasila is the State philosophy)
> June 13, 14: Collective holidays
> June 15, 16: Idulfitri (end of the fasting month)
> June 18, 19: Collective holidays
> August 17: Hari Kemerdekaan RI ke-72 (72nd Independence Day)
> August 22: Idul Adha (Muslim celebration of Abraham's sacrifice)
September 11: Tahun Baru Hijriyah 1440 (Muharram: Muslim New Year 1440)
> November 30: Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW (birth of the Prophet Muhammed)
> December 24: Collective holiday
> December 25: Natal (Christmas)