Indonesiian fruit market

Enjoying Indonesia

free e-book Enjoying IndonesiaOur top download! 'Enjoying Indonesia' is the only free Indonesia travel book with an insider's perspective. It's the book you cannot afford to go without.

'Enjoying Indonesia' is updated annually and covers where to go and what to see. It has tips to pick up some Indonesian. It explains our food, how to appreciate geckos and how to avoid oncoming traffic.

'Enjoying Indonesia' helps you to understand the Indonesian mindset, our smiles and body language.
Did you know that in Indonesia there is no 'Ladies first',  but rather 'Gentlemen first'?

You'll discover all that and much more when you download Enjoying Indonesia.

Visiting Indonesia

Free Indonesia travel e-bookIn a hurry?
Why not read our brief e-booklet on your ldevice?

Download a free copy of 'Visiting Indonesia' (PDF) with visa information, how to get around, what to see and do and more. All that in just 37 pages.

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Easy Indonesian Recipes

Free Indonesian recipes e-bookGet a taste for Indonesian food!

Keep all the recipes from our Recipes page plus a few more.

Download your free copy of Easy Indonesian Recipes (PDF).

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Doing Business in Indonesia

Free e-book Doing Business in Indonesian  To be a successful entrepreneur exporting to or importing from Indonesia requires  lots of careful prepration. And time. Lots of time.

 Download your free copy of Tips and tricks for doing business in Indonesia (PDF).

No more Jet Lag

Free ebook Nomore jetlag  Flying to Indonesia. Anything between 6 and 15 hours or even more. Will you arrive in  tip-top condition? Or will you feel exhausted? For the next few days after arrival, will  you feel drowsy during the day and will you suffer sleepless nights?

 Did you know that jet lag shrinks the brain, causes amnesia, disorientation and  more? Jet lag is not just a nuisance; it's a health condition. Jet lag sucks.

 Traveling without jet lag. Can it be done?

Sure enough: and you can learn it without the use of drugs, gadgets or fancy therapies.
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